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A Headgear Manifesto

Posted March 13, 2017

The word "headgear" doesn’t always conjure the happiest emotions for teens. If you’re in middle school or high school, you might know others who have it. You know it’s not considered to be "cool". The media doesn’t help with this as teen movies typically portray characters with headgear as awkward, strange or shy.

Headgear may not have the greatest reputation, but it’s actually a beautiful invention. Not convinced? Read on.

What is headgear exactly? It’s an orthodontic appliance with thick wires that extend outside the mouth. Dr. Brent Porter may recommend it to fix an under-bite, overbite, jaw growth or overcrowded teeth. Designs can vary according to the problem needing to be fixed.

Headgear works according Thomas Newton's laws of motion. Say what?

When you stand on the floor, you place your weight on upon it, right? Did you know that the floor is pushing back at you with the same amount of pressure? According to the same laws (i.e. the laws of motion), the wires on your braces build pressure on your teeth, forcing them to move over time. This straightens your teeth and aligns your bite. But sometimes they need an extra boost. Headgear provides extra support, whether it corrects jaw placement or pulls at the crowded teeth in the front. The end result? A beautiful, healthy smile.

Next time you think of headgear, remember that it’s a miracle of the mouth that's at work.

Want to know more? Call Brent J Porter DDS in Santa Cruz, California at 831-459-9802. We're here to make your smile.

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