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A Case of Tickling Teeth

A Wonderful Blend of Preventative Dentistry and Braces.

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          Our patients always have interesting ways to describe what they are feeling. Just as a few weeks ago a patient described the cold with the Solea as his tooth going on a trip to Antarctica. This week we had another patient describe a feeling their teeth had during their cleaning.

          This wonderful 7-year-old patient always enjoys coming to the dentist; between the yummy flavored fluoride and the many different toys, she is always excited to get her teeth clean. She walked into our orange fish room with a smile on her face and took a seat. She looked around at the beach paintings covering the walls and the water toys shining in the window. After getting her teeth brushed, flossed and polished, she waited happily for Dr. Porter to come make sure her teeth were cavity free.

          She didn’t have any cavities, however there was a little bit of plaque buildup, so Dr. Porter went to work to make her teeth shiny and plaque free. As he was working, the patient started to smile a bit and when asked how everything felt she replied with a small giggle, “it makes me laugh on the inside.” The tickling of her teeth made her smile and when asked about her tickly teeth she said that it “makes my teeth go hahaha! Super tickly!” It seems that some teeth are more ticklish than other and during this visit, it seemed to be an extreme Case of Tickling Teeth.         

Dr. Brent J. Porter | Jul 26, 2019

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