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A Chilly Trip to Antarctica

A Wonderful Blend of Preventative Dentistry and Braces.

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          With all our patients we do our best to explain and describe what will be happening during their visit or what they will be feeling. For example, when we have to numb a patient’s mouth, we tell them that their face will feel ‘fat and goofy.’ Phrasing is very important to us when we talk to the kids and we want them to feel as comfortable as possible when at the dentist’s office. Sometimes the kids have even better ways to describe feelings than we do!

          One little boy this week came into the office to break up some ‘parties’ on his teeth, also known as cavities. The nine-year-old had never gotten a cavity fixed without numbing before and this time Dr. Porter would be using our new Solea laser. This new handy helper allows for the patient to get their teeth restored without numbing and is painless. The only sensation the patient should feel is coldness on the tooth, just like biting into cold ice cream.

          The process is always very simple and easy. Dr. Porter let the boy know beforehand that his tooth would probably feel cold and if it got too cold to let him know. Afterwards, the boy and his mom went to Dr. Porter’s office to talk about how the process went.

           At asking the boy how he felt during the process the boy put his hand to his cheek and smiled saying, “It felt like my tooth went to Antarctica.” This brought a smile to everyone’s face and as the boy and mom left the office, we were left with a new phrase to add to the list. Now when describing this cold feeling we tell the kids that their tooth will be taking A Trip to Antarctica.    

Dr. Brent J. Porter | Jun 28, 2019

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