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Selflessness and Stickers

A Wonderful Blend of Preventative Dentistry and Braces.

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          We care about our patients and the health of their teeth. Every day we are able to give them a clean and healthy mouth allowing them to express themselves with the best smile possible. This week we were not the only ones giving and caring, but we overheard one of our young patients caring about others as well.

          A little boy of five came into the office last week and even though he was a bit shy walking into our green fish room, mom was there to comfort him along the way. He got his teeth cleaned and by the time he was done he was smiling, talking about how yummy the bubblegum tooth vitamins (fluoride) tasted. Dr. Porter directed the young patient and his mother over to our toy area, giving him a sticker and saying he could pick out two toys for being an awesome helper. Left to the big decision of picking out two of the many toys, the boy was quiet in thought.

          After already getting a sticker the boy then looked up to his mother and said that he didn’t need a toy. “Are you going to pass on a toy today?” asked his mother and the boy nodded responding “I’m going to pass on a toy today mama.” A bit puzzled as the boy seemed very excited at the mention of toys at the beginning of the appointment, his mother asked him why he didn’t want one. The little boy looked up to her and said “I want to make sure other kids get toys too.” His mother chuckled softly and nodded, “That’s nice.” The boy nodded “I want stickers though.” The boy pointed to the sticker box and after picking out his favorite sticker, he took moms hand and left with a smile.

Dr. Brent J. Porter | Jun 21, 2019

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