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The Daring Dancing Tongue

A Wonderful Blend of Preventative Dentistry and Braces.

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         At the dentist’s, teeth are usually the star of the show. Here at Dr. Porter’s we make sure our patients leave with healthy and shimmering teeth, but to get those teeth to shine like a star sometimes an excited tongue must be dodged. When getting your teeth cleaned or even when getting a filling the tongue seems to take on a mind of its own. The curious little thing wants to know what’s going on and to not be left behind. When we are older, we learn how to control the tongue, but little ones have yet to learn how to tame their tongue.

          This week a little girl the age of three came in to get some fillings put into her mouth. With children that young, sometimes the process of getting fillings can be scary and uncomfortable as they had never had the feelings of their teeth getting worked on before. This little girl however, walked right into our blue fish room, ready for anything. She marched right up to the chair and sat. As the procedure commenced, the little girl sat there without complaint and if anything, she just seemed curious as to what was going on.

          Not only was the girl curious, but it seemed her tongue was as well. During the procedure the girls tongue turned and twisted, leaped and glided around her mouth. Dr. Porter commented at how excited her tongue was, making the girl giggle with delight. After the fillings were complete the little girl marched back out of the room with a smile, Dr. Porter telling her she did a great job. Mom then came to talk with the doctor and the little girl ran over, hugging her mom and saying, “Hey mama, I did a great job!” The young girl’s excitement lit up her face and Dr. Porter mentioned her excited tongue. The girl’s mother laughed and spoke with a smile, “She’s always had a dancing tongue.” As they left, it seemed that this time the teeth were outshined by The Daring Dancing Tongue.  

Dr. Brent J. Porter | Jul 5, 2019

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