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Crozat Appliance Care

Your Crozat is made to fit your mouth with precision. Every wire is adjusted for a specific purpose. It is important that you handle the appliance with care to avoid bending or breaking one of these wires. When placing the Crozat, use finger pressure to seat the clasps all the way down on the molars. Use both hands. You will hear the clasps snap into place. Do not bite the appliance into place!!! Removal of the appliance is also best accomplished with both hands, one side at a time.

We request that you wear the appliance all the time, all day, and all night, while you eat, and even when you are playing sports. Do not play with the appliance with your fingers or tongue. These habits can distort the appliance and may cause the clasps to break. If you feel a high spot, don’t bite or clench against it. It should settle in within two days, and if it doesn’t, please notify us so that we may adjust it. You will have to avoid eating hard and/or sticky foods, such as candy and gum, which may damage your Crozat appliance. Should your Crozat not feel right (bent, broken, too tight, too loose, or poking your gums), call the office immediately so that the problem may be corrected.

We will appoint you every three to six weeks during active phases of treatment. It is very important that you keep these appointments. If you forget an appointment, please call immediately to reschedule another one. And if for some reason you think the appliance will require repair or remake, notify us of that before your appointment so that we may schedule additional time.

Remember, the appliance works only when you wear it. Dr. Brent Porter has provided you with the proper tools, and will make the necessary adjustments to bring about the optimum results, but you must wear it and take proper care of it. We are counting on you to do your best. Please call 831-459-9802 if you have questions about caring for your Crozat in Santa Cruz, California, or need to arrange a visit with our pediatric dentist

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