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School is about to start once again. This means you’re probably school shopping and doing all you can to get ready. While you’re doing these things, make sure to keep your smile in mind. You want a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile during the school year, right? To help you, Dr. Brent Porter has some helpful tips for you.

The first tip is to visit Brent J Porter DDS for your six-month checkup. Getting a dental cleaning and exam before school starts is a great step toward a strong smile. We have treatments that can help you keep tooth decay and other dental issues at bay. Some of those treatments include dental sealants and a fluoride treatment. Visiting your dentist for a professional cleaning and exam can reduce your chances of missing school because of smile problems.

The second tip is to pack the right snacks in your lunch. Unfortunately, there are many snacks that can harm your teeth and gums. Those treats are usually sticky, sugary, and acidic products that cling to the teeth. Instead of these foods, pack nuts, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. These tooth-healthy treats can strengthen as well as clean your smile.

The third tip is to make brushing and flossing a priority. You can do so by brushing every morning and night and flossing daily. These things can help you have a healthy and strong smile. If possible, you can also rinse with mouthwash daily. This will complete the smile-cleaning job and freshen your breath.

If you do these things, your smile will be ready for the new school year! For more information and details, don’t be afraid to reach out to Brent J Porter DDS by calling 831-459-9802. Our dental team in Santa Cruz, California, will be happy to tell you all you need to know so you can have an awesome smile for school!