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If you have a child that has a cavity, you should know it’s not your fault as a parent. It’s very common for children to develop tooth decay in their baby teeth. Even if you make sure that your child brushes and flosses regularly, it’s easy for a child to miss places during their cleaning. This coupled with a love for sugar is an easy recipe for a cavity to develop. It happens and can be easily fixed with a dental filling.

Your family’s dentist, Dr. Brent Porter knows that going to the dentist can be scary for your child, especially when he or she has a cavity. That’s why Brent J Porter DDS would like to help you prepare your child for their visitation with a couple of helpful tips to ease the mind of you and your child.

Be relaxed. Your child can pick up on any fears or worries that you have, because they are observant and will emulate the things you do. If you have any anxiety regarding the situation, do what you can to get rid of it or at least keep your child from picking up on it.

Be positive. The situation is easily remedied and there is no need to express any verbal negativity about it that could upset your child and make the situation worse. Avoid blaming your child for the situation by saying things like “You should be more careful brushing”. Just let your child know that Dr. Brent Porter is going to treat their cavity and fix the situation for them. Afterward, you can create a game plan for cavity prevention in the future.

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