Alf Appliance Care

Your ALF appliance is made to fit your mouth with precision. Every wire is adjusted for a specific purpose. It is important that you handle the appliance with care to avoid bending or breaking one of these wires. In placing the ALF, Brent J. Porter, D.D.S., your Santa Cruz Pediatric Dental Specialist, has seated the clasps all the way down on the molars. The clasps and appliance have snapped into place. If one of the clasps lifts out of place, do not bite the appliance into place!!! Gently place your fingers on the clasps of the molars and push down, you should hear a snap once it’s back in place. If it needs to be removed because it is coming out, removal of the appliance is best accomplished with both hands, lifting one side at a time. Place the ALF in retainer case we have provided for you and call our office to schedule an appointment. This appointment will allow us to get your ALF adjusted and seated back in place.

We request that you wear the appliance all the time, all day, and all night, while you eat, and even when you are playing sports. Brush your teeth as you normally would and floss your teeth as instructed by our staff. Do not play with the appliance with your fingers or tongue, these habits can distort or bend the appliance and may cause the clasps to break. If you feel a high spot, do not bite or clench against it. It should settle in within two days, and if not, please notify us so that we may adjust it. You will have to avoid eating certain foods; hard and/or sticky foods, such as candy and gum may damage your ALF appliance. Should your ALF not feel right (bent, broken, too tight, too loose, or poking your gums), call the office immediately so that the problem may be corrected.

We will appoint you in our office every three to six weeks during active phases of treatment. It is very important that you keep these appointments. If you forget an appointment, please call us to reschedule another one.

For more information please contact the office of Brent J. Porter D.D.S., Santa Cruz Children's Dentist (831) 459-9802