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A Wonderful Blend of Preventative Dentistry and Braces.

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The Daring Dancing Tongue

        At the dentist’s, teeth are usually the star of the show. Here at Dr. Porter’s we make sure our patients leave with healthy and shimmering teeth, but to get those teeth to shine like a star sometimes an excited tongue must be dodged.

Posted Jul 5, 2019

A Chilly Trip to Antarctica

        Phrasing is very important to us when we talk to the kids and we want them to feel as comfortable as possible when at the dentist’s office. Sometimes the kids have even better ways to describe feelings than we do!

Posted Jun 28, 2019

Selflessness and Stickers

        We care about our patients and the health of their teeth. Every day we are able to give them a clean and healthy mouth allowing them to express themselves with the best smile possible. This week we were not the only ones giving and caring, but we overheard one of our young patients caring about others as well.

Posted Jun 21, 2019

Dentist Trip Excitement

        It’s always nice to see our patients get excited about coming to the dentist. We want their experience to be filled with delight and to help them see that getting their teeth cleaned is fun! We had one patient this last week that was so excited, he couldn’t help but share his upcoming appointment to the dentist with others.

Posted Jun 12, 2019

Smile Stories Blog

Welcome to our Smile Stories Blog!
Posted Jun 12, 2019

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